A corrugated box is a stronger board which has two important parts liner board and the medium. The liner is the material which is found on the outer surface of the board. However, sometimes it can also be found in the inside part of the boards.

The medium is a wavy and fluted paper, which is placed between the liner boards. The corrugated boxes are known by different names like a combined board, corrugated fibreboard, etc. It gives strength to the board.

 The liner board and medium layer are added to increase cardboard strength. This helps in protecting the goods which are transported from one location to another. All of the types are suitable for packaging of different products. Belly is the largest corrugated cardboard boxes distributors in the world.  Their warehouses are at various locations like Quebec Arizona Vermont etc.

Types Of Corrugated Fiberboard Boxes

These boxes are of 4 types. These are used for various applications which includes shipping, packaging, storing, etc. It is important to choose the right box for the packaging. The price of the boxes differs depending on the features. Choosing a suitable box for transportation saves time and money.

Single Face

A single medium is pasted to a sheet of cardboard. This type is mostly used to give protection to the products which are breakable within a box.

Single Wall

The medium is placed between the two sheets of cardboard. It is also called a double face. These are good for packaging the products, as these can be stacked easily for shipping in an effective manner. The logos and any type of information can be printed on these boxes. These are very economical. Most commonly used in the shipping industry.

Double Wall

These have three layers of liner board along with two mediums which are placed within. Such boxes are more durable and strong. So heavier goods can be easily transported in these boxes. As these are more rigid, the double-wall boxes are a good option than the single wall boxes.

Triple Wall

Triple wall boxes have strong durability and provide excellent protection. While constructing it four sheets of liner boards and three mediums are used. It is lightweight cardboard.


The corrugated boxes are used to transport products worldwide. These can be customized to suit your business. While buying these boxes it is very important to know about the weight of the product which is going to be shipped in these boxes. It helps in selecting the best type of corrugated cardboard container.