People feel that a grey sofa looks unoriginal or boring. Interior designers disagree with this belief. They say a gray sofa has great decorating potential than other home furniture pieces. A gray sofa can be regarded as a black canvas on which myriads of décor combinations can be applied.

Gray sofas can be purchased from meubles Jaymar [Jaymar furniture] as they blend with any interior décor and color theme. Moreover, you can clean them easily in comparison to the all-white sofa-set. Let’s look at how well you can style a gray sofa.

  • Pillows – Choose high-sheen pillows, which blends with the color in the room. Another pillow layer with extra matte fabric can add a statement.
  • Throws – Choose printed and fine knit patterned, thin throw blanket for the warm season to energize the room. Add a pile of plush comforting throws in winter to keep the room warm and cozy. Pick a contrast color against sofa fabric.
  • Coffee table – For a square sofa consider a coffee table with a little curve. It helps to balance the angular elements in the room.
  • End tables – A gray velvet sofa with matching wood-end tables create a visually striking contrast.
  • Baskets – You can even place bamboo baskets on either side instead of the end-tables. The sofa can be kept organized because the basket can hold the extra pillows and the comforters.
  • Art – Artwork is essential in any living room. With gray sofa ensure the artwork and the pillows match in one way or another.
  • Lighting – Place two lamps on both sides of the sofa. A large one for lighting and table lamp for enjoying some book reading. This avoids the cold overhead lights and creates an inviting lighting scheme.

  • Plants – The horizontal couch layout can be highlighted with two tall plants on either side. You can even add a large botanical artwork to create a memorable statement.
  • Area rug – Rugs add some pattern or texture to the space making it feel cohesive. The color of the rug needs to incorporate a color found inside your design scheme.
  • Unexpected color – Even if the overall project comprises of varieties of gray shades, you can add a muted pink chair. This adds an alluring element and creates uniqueness.
  • Stick to symmetry – Gray evokes a feeling of balanced strength, so go symmetrical with furniture layout to get a uniformed, soothing feel. Find ways to include visual interest without having to compete. The pillows with prints and patterns come into play here or the room will feel very cold.

Keep it simple like a deep blue wall behind the TV spreads spirit and energy to the surrounding!