The Trucks used during timber harvest are paired with a four-bolster trailer or a chip van or there is a ten-wheeled truck. The selection of truck & trailer combination depends on the kind of product to be hauled along with the limitations of road and terrain. For example, trucks paired with 2-bolster trailer go fine with tree length products.

On the other hand, trucks paired with 4-bolster trailers can haul cut-to-length wood products in ‘double bunk’. Loggers have to choose a reliable truck or loader for their daily operations of delivering the wood fiber to the mills.

Forestry machines operate in rough and tough conditions. The long-running hours, severe climatic changes, dusty air, rough ground conditions and more increases the possibility of the mechanical breakdown. Therefore, the loggers have to ensure that the chargeuse pour le bois [wood or timber loader] gets maintained and repaired regularly.

Proper preventative maintenance helps to prolong the life of the machine, reduce the severity or frequency of repairs as well as increase productive uptime. Ignoring maintenance can cause catastrophic failure, which can damage the revenue due to costly repairs and downtime.

Preventative maintenance practice for timber loaders

Clean the radiator

The radiator needs to be cleaned regularly. It keeps the air moving freely within the core, so that heat gets removed efficiently. Working conditions like plenty of dust leaves, debris and pollen can impact the kind of cleaning needed [pressure washing or high-pressure air] and its frequency.

Today, the loaders are equipped with air coolers, which supply air and can impact performance if they are not kept clean and working.

Check engine coolant

Check the engine coolant level regularly to ensure that the concentration is right to keep the machine operate coolly. It even prolongs the life of the engine.

Sample oil

Sampling the oil regularly ensures the optimum performance of the engine components. It detects failed seals and contamination between components. With early detection, you can take care of it at less cost rather than having to spend more on repairs and overhauls associated with some catastrophic failure.

Accomplish preventive measures

Never extend maintenance intervals or else the wear and tear of the internal components can increase.

Use premium quality filters

Cheap filters may be unable to handle the dirt or debris from entering the engine. The polluted air, fuel or oil is contaminated and cause deterioration to the internal parts.

Pay attention to the warning indicators

If you persist to operate the loader even if you see the warning signs, then be prepared for the catastrophic failure and loss of revenue.

Follow the above maintenance practice and keep your loaders at an optimum working level. Thus, you can dampen the overall operating cost and get value from your investment.