The issue of sex in relationships is a big one for many couples. Although it is difficult to admit, some couples struggle with how to have healthy discussions about their sexuality and sexual desire. Often couples who are uncomfortable or afraid to talk about sex find themselves distancing themselves from their partner because they are unable to accept or respect their partners needs. When a couple experiences this dilemma, they should consider seeking the guidance of a trained professional.

There are many different reasons why some relationships do not progress past the base level of intimacy. It could be because one or both partners are afraid that discussing sexual intimacy will lead to conflict or even hurt. It could also be because both parties are afraid that if they try to open up, their partner will withdraw and that could lead to a break up. Many people believe that intimacy in a relationship comes naturally and without discussion or push. They believe that talking about sex invites misunderstandings and may result in an argument, however, addressing issues like ED by contacting experts such as to fix the underlying causes can a couple’s problems can be essential. These couples need to learn that there are consequences to the way that they talk about sex and how they satisfy each other sexually.

Fleming’s Approach to Sexuality. Dr. Fleming is a clinical psychologist and he uses many different methods to help couples talk about their sexuality. One of his tools is the Fleming questionnaire that asks couples questions on their openness to discuss their sex life. This questionnaire allows Fleming to observe and measure different aspects of their sexual behaviors and their willingness to try new things. In addition to asking the question of openness, Fleming also uses the results of this questionnaire to determine the amount of effort that is being put into the relationship and whether or not that effort is being put toward satisfying each partners needs.

After observing these factors and behaviors, Fleming then creates a variety of different exercises to help couples communicate more effectively and work on improving their love lives and their sex lives at the same time. For example, one exercise involves the couple sitting on a couch and having a cup of coffee. At some point during the coffee break, the couple should discuss something that is of importance to them, and they should do it without feeling pressured. However, as they are talking, they need to refrain from discussing the specifics of what they talked about over coffee.

Fleming believes that communication in all types of relationships can improve all of them. He believes that people in relationships can be more compatible and that sexual problems can be lessened if both parties can relax enough to let their sexual fantasies and desires guide their conversations. The exercises that he and his students design take this principle of relaxation to a new level and allow people to better enjoy having sexual relations.

If you are interested in improving your sex life, learning from a renowned sex therapist such as Dr. David Fleishman might be a great choice. Having a positive outlook in your relationships can have a tremendous impact on the amount of passion and excitement that you experience during intimacy. It is important to remember, however, that improving your relationship satisfaction can take time and effort, and it can help to find the balance between being patient and being open with one another.