If you have lost a few or all of your natural teeth due to decay or gum disease, you should check with your dentist for replacement immediately. Despite options like dentures and dental bridges, dental implants remain a popular and advanced option for restoring smiles. Many clinics offer Floral Park, NY dental implants, and for your help, we have enlisted seven reasons why this is a good option for you.

  1. Implants feel like your natural teeth: Unlike dentures that move around or slip at times, dental implants become a part of your jawbone and ensure the replacement teeth remain secure. It is the closest you can get to having a natural feel with artificial teeth.
  2. You don’t have any restrictions: You don’t have to remove dental implants like dentures to clean your teeth, and more importantly, you can continue eating foods that you like. Your bite force remains intact, and there are no additional care instructions.
  3. Dental implants are durable: Dentures need replacement and will get loose over time, which is not a concern with dental implants. Implants, in fact, remove the need for removable dentures. You can restore your smile with confidence. For the unversed, implants are made of titanium.
  4. Dental implants have a high success rate: The current success rate of dental implants is 97%. As long as you are an ideal candidate for the treatment, you never have to worry about your implants. The replacement teeth may wear off, but not dental implants.
  5. No concerns with loss of bone mass: Once secured, dental implants stimulate the jawbone and prevent further bone loss. Losing significant bone mass can alter your facial structure and cause cheeks to sag. Your jaw structure is secure with implants.
  6. Avoid premature aging: Loss of bone mass also leads to early aging signs, including facial sagging. Dental implants are the only option for avoiding such concerns. With dentures, you will have replacement teeth, but the gradual decrease in bone volume will remain a matter of worry.
  7. Avoid damage to other teeth: Losing a tooth can cause the adjacent to shift from respective positions to fill the gap, eventually leading to misalignment. With dental implants, your teeth will not move, which will help address orthodontic issues.

If you have questions or want to know whether you qualify for dental implants, talk to a renowned dentist in Floral Park today and discuss further. Ask about the costs and risks in detail.