While you may think that you know a lot about ac compressors, there are a lot of underlying issues that no one knows except an expert. To be honest, if your ac compressor isn’t working, it’s better to call a 24 hour ac repair service rather than being stranded with a unit that won’t run in the middle of the night.

Why isn’t Your AC Compressor Turning On?

The ac compressor is the part of the system that compresses or pumps refrigerant through your cooling lines or coil. The compressor is powered by electricity, either with an electric motor or a belt running off the engine. When working correctly, you would hear it running when in use.

However, if something is wrong with one part of the system, your ac compressor wouldn’t be turning on at all.

The most common problems are:

  1. The thermostat is faulty and isn’t opening up to allow coolant through the lines or coil. If this happens, you won’t notice any difference in temperature because your compressor will never come on.
  2. If there is a power surge and the electrical contacts inside the compressor are burned. If this is the case, your ac system will need to be entirely overhauled because it has been compromised after being exposed to power surges.
  3. There’s a leak in your ac system, so there isn’t enough pressure to push refrigerant through the vents. It will be easy to notice because you’ll lose cold air while the compressor is running.

Why Call Experts for Fixing Your AC Compressor?

While an ac repair manual might lead you to believe that only a few steps are involved, dozens of components could be damaged if they aren’t tightened or plugged correctly. Hence you need experts to:

Check the Refrigerant

If the system is leaking, you could lose the refrigerant. If this happens, there’s no way to recharge it because you can’t find the source of the leak. You’d need to change everything exposed because putting new refrigerants in old lines won’t work. Being a very complex process, it requires a lot of experience.

Inspect All the Lines and Tighten Everything Properly

If you haven’t maintained your ac system regularly, you can lose all the coolant or oil that lubricates valves and other components. You’d need an expert to inspect everything and tighten them back up when this happens.

Check the Belt Drive and Flip It Over If It’s Broken

While this is easy to do, you could cause more damage if you don’t know what to do or tighten belts too securely. You’d need professionals to flip it over so that both sides are working equally.

The AC Compressor Might Need to Be Overhauled

If your system is exposed to power surges or has some incident with the engine, the ac compressor and parts will be compromised. It’s better for a 24-hour ac repair expert to overhaul it than try to find replacement parts because they’d know exactly what’s needed and how everything would fit together.

Air conditioner experts know how each system works and what could happen if it isn’t maintained regularly. Fixing your ac by professionals will save time, money, and frustration because they know exactly how things work.