Custom Candle Boxes is made in a variety of materials to be used in the home. The topography and theme of your home will determine what type of box you purchase. The material and design also determine the price of the box, so be sure to consider all factors.

Clear Glass Boxes: These are perfect for placing candles on tables or mantles, but can also be used as a display case for supplies. Some are engraved with names and place names, while others simply display your favorite keepsakes. They are often made from thick clear glass and come in elegant designs. Typically, these are sold with custom engraving.

White Porcelain: This type of box is a little larger than the clear glass but are thinner. Because of their thickness, they are often placed on mantles, so the candles can be placed in the mantel instead of on the table. These are a great choice for displaying t-shirts, art, birthdays, or any other items that have sentimental value.

Porcelain with Enamel: This material is very shiny and smooth, and can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth. It has a high luster and tends to hold candle light longer than other materials. These are perfect for placing candles in a hallway, but you might not be able to see them if they are placed too close to a window. However, some porcelain with enamel boxes are made from acrylic, which makes them scratch proof and easy to clean.

Tin: Tin is great for keeping candles close to the flame. They are also good for showing off delicate gifts, since they tend to be thicker than other materials. They are not very costly and are easy to clean.

Semi-Aniline Colors: These are considered semi-aniline because they can be transparent or opaque. For the purposes of creating custom candle boxes, these types of boxes are made in shades of gray, brown, or black. If you choose a color you like, you can always paint over the colors you do not like.

Aniline: These boxes have a transparent front but still have the same sparkle and shine as any other color. The finish is best when the container is placed in direct sunlight, which helps preserve the sheen. Be sure to place your customized candle boxes in a well-ventilated area.

There are a variety of different materials you can use to create your own custom candle boxes. You can choose a material that matches your theme, decor, or give your home a new look.