In a mixed martial arts battle, a lot can happen at any given time as ‘switches’ between the sport’s several component arts happen in a fraction of a second. Fighters can use hundreds of distinct methods in dozens of different maneuvers which makes it one of the most entertaining contact sports to watch, you never know what’s going to happen next will be a one punch knockout, a flying kick or knee to the head or will it be a takedown, ground and pound game of chess?

The most common ‘switch’ techniques

There are various core martial arts used in MMA, as an example, you have Muay Thai, wrestling and Brazilian Jujitsu which are all really technical forms combat, the fighters need to be able to switch between styles in an instant which is where the ‘switch techniques’ come into play.

The jab

Is a straight punch with the lead hand that can range from a probing shot to a battering ram. It can be taught in a single lesson, but it takes a lifetime to master.

The overhand

Is a looping punch thrown from the rear hand that looks like a baseball pitch. It’s prevalent in MMA for good reasons: It’s a hard punch that suits the smaller gloves and broader tactical context.

Muay Thai-style kicking

Is a powerful strike that’s reminiscent of getting hit with a baseball bat. Unlike a karate-style round kick, the Muay Thai-style kick has more of a whipping than a snapping motion.  When a kick lands cleanly to the head in MMA in Reading, it’s generally because of a clever setup or a break in concentration on the receiver’s end.


The knee is a real game changer, especially when in a clinch situation, it can be very difficult to break your arms free and, if both of your arms are occupied it can be difficult to get enough leverage for a sweeping kick. This is where the knee comes into its own!

Guard Pass

One of the most underrated yet most important of moves when it comes to fighting on the ground. The guard pass is a technique used in order for the fighter on the top to break the guards of the fighter on the bottom’s legs.

Choose an area to specialize in

Whilst all of the above are pretty crucial techniques to know how to use and, as you probably already know, MMA is made up of a number of different martial arts. It’s a good idea to favor one and, to become a master in at least one area, you can improve your other skills as you go. Make sure to speak with your new coach to get their expertise and ideas based on what they think of you and your style.