International schools in Bangkok have a reputation for being expensive, and with anything that comes with a hefty price, justifying the price for the return on value often becomes questionable.

However, this American international school in Bangkok, to be opened in Autumn 2020, will kill your doubts about the educational value your child will receive.

This international school, whose name can’t be revealed yet due to confidentiality, is paving the way for a new era of teaching. Located in Bang Na, a densely populated area of international schools, you may be wondering how this school stifles the competition. Many ideas were discussed at boardroom meetings over how it can maximise your child’s education, and the school’s ethos is sure to grab your attention and keep you locked in.

Let’s wait no longer. Let’s see what the new wave of education looks like.

Royalty Free

Find Your Own Way

This international school will create various ways for your child to learn, but it is ultimately your child’s decision to choose how it is he/she would like to learn. Your child’s passion and learning style dictate this.

The outcome of this is that it encourages autonomy in your child’s learning experience. Your child becomes more proactive and learns to make better judgments for his/her own learning experience. These are key skills that cement the important groundwork for which to stand on when they become adults.

And it all starts from your child being presented with various opportunities but using his/her judgment to decide the opportunity that is most fitting for their needs.

Trumping Old Ways

The usual education system has lived by a “one-size-fits-all” system, but students come in various learning styles which renders this traditional method ineffective.

Students fall into 7 learning styles, so try and imagine the number of students that have fallen victim to an ineffective learning experience purely because schools worshipped a one-dimensional teaching method.

This international school, however, goes against the grain by trumping the “one-size-fits-all” teaching method and provides the facilities for your child to have access to whichever learning style suits them. This will make students more eager and optimistic about learning and is a strong starting point for your child to succeed academically and in life.

Life Is Your Classroom

When you reach adulthood, you realise how much school didn’t prepare you for life. How to budget your money. How to form relationships. The importance of mental health. These are the kind of skills that aren’t taught in traditional school systems.

But this school flips the script by shifting the emphasis from teaching students so they pass their exams to teaching students so they are successful in life.

The forward-thinking, pioneering teaching system at this school will arm your child with the key weapons to attack the ebbs and flow of life and become successful adults: promoting curiosity, training them to be investigative, and developing a “take action” mentality.

Developing these skills will teach your child to maintain an eagerness to learn when they are adults, so they do not stagnate their potential and their capacity to absorb new knowledge.

So hopefully you see the value of this international school and how it differentiates itself despite being sandwiched between a plethora of international schools.

All that’s left is now the wait for Autumn 2020.