Shipping a car from anywhere in the US and also delivering it to the destination anywhere in or outside the US requires expert help. Automobiles are one of the valuable assets that you own and you do not like it when they get damaged while shipping. Hence, it is suggested to look for expert help when you plan to ship your car from Michigan to Florida.

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Car Shipping to Florida from Michigan

The main factor to understand while planning to ship your car from your hometown in Michigan to anywhere in Florida is that you have 9 out of 10 routes available. The possible distance that should be claimed here is around 1400 miles and hence look for such shipping companies that can promise safe shipment of your cars within 3 to 4 days.

While looking for a car shipment service, you should mainly look for the 4 basic services that are offered by any company. They are, 

  1. Open carrier shipment
  2. Closed carrier shipment
  3. Door to door service
  4. Expected pickup and drop-off schedule

Not all the cars are the same in make and model, and handling every car requires its own experience. While finalizing a shipping company, you should ask whether they have a special team to handle the cars of your make and model. Since the distance is more than 1300 miles between Michigan and Florida, you must be assured of the safety of your car till it reaches you.

If you are not sure which shipping company to finalize to transit your car from Michigan and Florida, then you can ask for the quotes from all the shipping companies that you have listed. After this, you can also know about the services that are offered to you by them. By comparing, you can understand whether or not to do business with any particular shipping company.

Factors Influencing the Shipment

Some of the major factors will influence the shipment of a car from Michigan to Florida. They are listed below. 

  • Season and also the time of the year
  • The location that you have finalized for both the pickup and drop-off
  • The make and model of the vehicle, its length, and also its weight
  • The mode of transition that you have chosen such as open or closed transition
  • The condition of the vehicle at that time
  • Time duration with which the car should be delivered to the destination

Once you have provided all the information to the shipping company, they will then follow necessary protocols to ship your car. You can stay in constant touch with the driver to get a live update on where your vehicle has reached and how far it is from its destination.