There are many different types of oilfield construction jobs available today. The types of jobs include Pipeline construction, Rigging up, rig floor, and Environmental Services. Each type of oilfield construction job will require different skill sets and certifications.

Read on to learn more about the different types of oilfield construction jobs. There are many benefits to working in oilfield construction. These jobs are also flexible and allow for flexible schedules. These jobs also allow for travel and require minimal training.

Pipeline construction

If you are interested in working in the oilfield, pipeline construction jobs can be a great option. These jobs are physically demanding and risky, and there have been many cases of workers being crushed by heavy pipes or killed by gas explosions.

You will also be away from home for weeks at a time, often living in expensive RV parks or hotels near the construction site. You will also work 60-plus hour weeks in sometimes harsh weather conditions.

Rigging up

If you want to work in an oilfield construction company, you’ll need to learn how to rig up drilling equipment and other equipment on oil and gas well sites. These jobs require the use of cranes, rig-up trucks, and forklifts.

In addition, rigging up oilfield construction jobs will involve using power tools and setting up substructures. You’ll also be required to perform safety inspections and wear impact protection at all times.

Rig floor

The rig floor is an area where workers make and break pipe connections. Rig floor operations are a crucial part of drilling and oil production. Rig floor operations also require heavy lifting and moving of heavy iron.

The floor is also used for meetings and shelter during idle periods. There are several types of rig floor construction jobs.

Environmental services

An environmental engineer uses the principles of engineering to control pollution and clean up polluted areas. They work with engineers to ensure that sites are free of pollution and are safe for workers to work in. Environmental science technicians perform testing and analysis of sites and collect samples for analysis.

They also work with environmental scientists to develop remediation solutions. Environmental services engineers also assist with reclamation efforts. A career in this field is extremely rewarding and offers many opportunities to advance in a career in oilfield construction.

Communication skills

People with good communication skills are important for oilfield construction jobs. If there’s a miscommunication, a project can suffer. Time can be wasted, deadlines can be missed, and staff can be turned off and quit.

Communication skills can be learned and practiced to become more effective in the work environment. You may be surprised to learn that a simple way to communicate with coworkers can help you land a job in this industry.

Physical stamina

People who work in the oilfield need mental stamina, too. They must remain alert even when fatigued or sleepy. They must also be able to communicate with other workers and work around heavy equipment.

Many of the jobs in the oilfield require long shifts and physical activity. Physical stamina is also important because oil field workers may be away from home for weeks at a time. And the work may involve lifting and carrying heavy equipment.

Construction jobs in the oilfield are some of the most challenging and rewarding positions in the industry. Individuals who work in this field are responsible for a variety of tasks, including building pipelines, developing drilling sites, and constructing support infrastructure.

Because of the demanding nature of these jobs, oilfield construction workers must be highly skilled and experienced. In addition, they must be able to work long hours in often difficult and dangerous conditions. Despite the challenges, oilfield construction jobs offer a number of rewards.

These positions provide workers with an opportunity to earn a good salary, and they also offer the chance to travel to remote and unique locations. For those who are looking for a challenging and rewarding career, oilfield construction is an excellent choice.