Even with careful maintenance, after a while, your doors and windows can start to look drab, even if they work perfectly. When you have uPVC windows and doors, many people are unaware that you can spray them and bring them back to life, making them look new again. You do not always need to replace your windows and doors just because they look tatty, and below are some tips and advice to help you decide whether to replace them or give them a coat of paint.

When To Replace Your Windows & Doors?

It is not always suitable to paint your windows and doors when the units are starting to get old and not functioning correctly. There are some warning signs your windows and doors need replacing if you know what to look for, and some of them include:

  • An increased noise level from outside
  • Trouble opening and closing the units
  • The frames have become damaged
  • You have started noticing a draft
  • Condensation between the window pains

If you notice any of these signs, you may not be able to paint your uPVC windows and doors, and you will have to look at investing in replacements. However, if your windows and doors are in excellent condition besides the colour, there are many benefits of choosing to paint them rather than replace them.

The Benefits Of Painting Your uPVC Windows & Doors

When you choose uPVC window spraying instead of replacing them, you can gain many benefits, and one of the biggest is the cost. You can find that the cost of spraying your windows and doors making them look new again is only about 20% of the cost of replacing them, so it is possible to save a lot of money. There will also be much less disruption to your home, and you can get it done in the summer or winter without worrying about the draft coming into your home. There are also plenty of choices available for selecting colours, and you can choose almost any colour in the rainbow for your windows and doors. You can also colour match with certain features of your home, significantly increasing its curb appeal.

A Quick & Easy Process

The work on your windows and doors will be done outside, so you will hardly know you have workers on your property. The most significant part of the task is the preparation, and it can take around 1.5 hours to prepare and paint a window or door with three coats of paint. As such, you can often find that the average house in the UK can have new looking windows completed within a couple of days, depending on how many workers are on site. Within a couple of days, your home can look like you have had new windows and doors installed and massively increase its curb appeal, perfect if you want to sell and move.

If your doors and windows are starting to look tired and drab, consider spraying them instead of going to the expense of replacing them. You can save yourself a lot of time, hassle, and expense and have the same result at the end of it.