It is unfortunately not possible to make a completely fireproof office, but there are things you can do to protect your office and reduce how quickly a fire can take hold of it. There are some measures that you must undertake that are compulsory by law, while there are other things that you can do that are not essential, but you may want to consider including them. You can see some of the various measures listed below to help you plan your office fit-out and ensure you do everything you can to protect it from fire.

Ensure You Use Qualified Electricians

Trying to fit-out your office on the cheap and looking for low-cost contractors, including electricians, can significantly increase the chances of a fire starting. You must use a qualified and experienced electrician to ensure their work is up to standard and is not dangerous. When you use a cheap electrician, the fire prevention measures they install may not work and can increase the danger of your workplace for employees. You can click here to find out how to ensure your electricians are qualified and registered to ensure they will do an excellent job.

Install Fire Doors In Your Office Space

Something else you will want to do is install fire doors in your office, which you must do in locations designated as fire escapes. There are various types of fire doors from which you can choose, such as an FD60 fire door from, which is rated to last a minimum of 60 minutes. Other options are available, and you can buy fire doors designed to last 30, 60, 90, and 120 minutes, depending on your requirements.

Use Fire Resistant Materials

There are other aspects of your office design where you can use fire-rated materials to help protect your office should a fire start. You can use fire-rated ceiling tiles and plasterboard, and you must also ensure that the soft furnishings in your office are not highly combustible, such as sofas, chairs, and curtains. Investing in these materials will not prevent fires, but it can stop a fire from doing more damage to your property should one start.

Install A Fire Alarm & Sprinkler System

Another thing that is compulsory by law in a commercial building is installing a fire alarm, which you must also check regularly. The alarm can sense when a fire breaks out and raise the alarm so that people can evacuate the building, and some fire alarms can automatically call for the fire brigade. It is also worth having regular fire drills with your employees so everyone knows what to do in case of fire.

You can also install a sprinkler system in your office, and contrary to what some people think, these are not designed to put out fires. A sprinkler system will turn on when the fire alarm detects a fire, and it is intended to slow down the spread of fire and give people more time to escape. A sprinkler system is not compulsory to have in a commercial building, but they are worth the investment for the peace of mind they can give you.