Once or twice a year, you will want to give the exterior of your building a thorough going over and ensure it is spotless, which will help create an excellent first impression of your business. You will want to look at various things to help make your building more presentable and some tasks you will need to keep on top of throughout the year, such as rubbish. Below are some things you will want to look at when tidying up the exterior of your offices that will help ensure they look clean and tidy and make you and your employees proud of your workplace.

Keep It Free Of Litter

You will want to ensure that no litter accumulates around your building throughout the year, and you will need someone to empty the bins and go litter-picking regularly. There are areas of your property where litter gets blown and accumulates, and you should remove this to help your business premises look clean and presentable. Ensure you have adequate bins around your building and separate your rubbish so you can send recyclable materials off for recycling.

Clean Your Pathways

Dirt and grime can also start accumulating on your pathways, and you will want to remove this, which you can do effectively using a power washer. You can have a staff member clean the paths of your building to ensure they are free of muck and make them look like they did when they were new. You will want to clean your pathways once a year, which makes them look presentable and can also help stop people from slipping when the surface is covered in grime.

Tidy Up Your Car Park

You will also want to give your car park a tidy, and ensure it is free from rubbish and debris which can accumulate. You will also want to check the visibility of the line markings in your car park, and around every five years, you will need to get these redone to ensure people can see them clearly. When looking for car park line marking, many companies can assist you with this and with the correct preparation, it does not take long to repaint the lines on your car park and ensure they stand out, making it easier to park.

Tidy Up The Green Areas

If you are lucky enough to have green areas outside your building with plants, flowers, and trees, you will also need to maintain these accordingly. You will want to ensure that lawns are well-manicured and that flower beds are free from weeds. Depending on the size of the green space outside of your building, you may need someone to look after it full-time, or you may want to hire a company to maintain it for you.

Tackle Graffiti

If your property is prone to people tagging it with graffiti, you will also want to clear this up, and there are things you can do to discourage graffiti artists from targeting your property. There are solutions you can apply to your walls that stop painting from bonding with the surface and make it simple to clean. For ways to prevent graffiti on your property, you can click here to get ideas to help reduce it from occurring and help your building look pristine.