If you have been actively exploring the web world, you must have heard about infographics at least once. They are but beautifully designed graphic-rich files that are uploaded on websites in order to increase overall engagement level. But do you know that infographics can also play a massive role in SEO as well? If you want to improve your site’s SEO score, then first you will need to learn how to optimise your infographics for SEO. There are quite a few important things that need to be paid attention to. The first of these points is the text used in infographics.

If you want to create search engine optimized infographics, then use your primary and secondary keywords in the infographics. Use them multiple times if you have to, but maintain proper KW density. Additionally, use the primary keyword in the Alt text of the infographics as well as the file name and description to let search engines know about it. If you take all these steps carefully, you won’t have to look for another way to rank your infographic on Google and attract thousands of organic views to your website.