There’s a huge array of engagement rings on offer, which means there’s the perfect one for every lucky recipient. If you know what to look for, of course.

Every ring style tells a different story and can reflect something distinct about the person wearing it. So, if you’re looking for that special one, maybe it’s worth checking out what your engagement ring can say about you…

Princess cut

If your eye is on a princess cut diamond ring, you’re a confident modernist. Square at the top with four beveled sides, this design has a contemporary look with maximum sparkle potential. If you like being on-trend and standing out from the crowd, a shimmering princess cut ring is for you.

Pear cut

This shaped ring is less commonly worn by brides-to-be than the other designs. So, if you like the look of it, you probably want it to exude a sense of understated uniqueness with a hint of an ‘I have my own style’ attitude.

Cushion cut 

With its rounded corners, the cushion cut diamond has a delicate appeal to it but still has that inimitable shimmer of a beautiful diamond. If this is your type of ring, you have a strong, feminine style and enjoy having a touch of ‘sparkle’ in your life.

Emerald cut 

Thinking about donning an emerald cut ring? Do it! If you want to give off an air of elegance and discernment while your wear it.

This rectangular stone’s clean-cut edges tell the world that you’re sophisticated with a quiet, but strong, sense of self-confidence. There are many rings that can help you get these points across like designer engagement rings at Whitelfash.

Asscher cut

If your heart is set on an Asscher ring, you want everyone who sees it to know that you have a style that leans towards retro and vintage.

This type of stone takes us back to the fashion of the 1920s due to its Art Deco style. Also, with its step-cut rather than brilliant-cut faceting, its look and shine are more subtle and suave — and this is just what it will say about you.

Round cut

Are you a timeless romantic? Then this is the design that will say that for you in a heartbeat.

Round brilliant diamond engagement rings are ideal for traditionalist wearers who also want plenty of sparkle impact. If your dream is a classic, fairy-tale wedding, this is for you.

Heart cut

Old romantics adore the heart-cute engagement ring. This sweet-looking ring is quite a bold choice. So, if it’s yours, you have a personality that loves romance and fiery passion equally! Wearers of the heart ring don’t shy away from the spotlight and are after a ring that’s a real conversation starter.

Colored stone

You’re going for a colored gem and not a clear diamond? Then this ring shouts volumes about you! Quirky, creative and energetic, anyone who opts for a bold sapphire, gorgeous emerald or radiant ruby engagement ring must be self-assured and independent.

What this ring says about you is that you have a bold personal style and adore the unconventional. Sound like you? Then go for it!

Now you know the different impacts engagement rings can have, you can start browsing for the one that reflects you and your personality best.