There are many huge garment manufacturing companies that started in a mum’s spare room, with a flair for design and dressmaking, and if you love to sew and are creative enough to see yourself designing garments, why not go the whole nine yards and create a collection?

  • Technology – Thanks to tech, you can now set up your very own workshop, where you can design and create top quality garments, without having to outsource anything to anyone. A professional industrial sewing machine and an embroidery machine are really all you need, and both can easily be sourced with a Google search. The latest generation of embroidery machines are very versatile and allow you to do many things, and with industrial reliability, you have your own hi-tech tailoring set up.
  • Design Software – 3D computer generated solutions allow you to really take a good look at the finished garment before you have even made a sample, so do take a look at what’s out there, and be prepared to pay for the best software; something you will never regret. You can make minor alterations and the program would enable you to print your patterns, which is very convenient.
  • Sell Online – Forget going to the enormous expense of fitting out a trendy boutique tucked away in a side street, rather focus on e-commerce; which is the future. Allocate a decent budget for site development and digital marketing; two things you can’t afford to be without, and your digital marketing partner will know exactly how to get your brand out to your target groups.
  • Social Media – The key to success lies in your social media accounts, and with literally millions of shoppers buying from Facebook pages, you really have to nail your social media marketing. Accounts with media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are essential, and with regular postings, you will gradually develop a huge following, which will form the base for your sales.
  • Retail Clients – You might wish to partner up with a successful boutique and have them market your brand, or you might prefer to retail yourself, which is very doable in the digital age. One advantage with a well-known retail outlet, is their clientele, but do remember that your profit margin will take a hit when selling wholesale.
  • Get Creative – There’s little point in doing anything until you have at least half a dozen garments ready to go, and you might need a few weeks at some pleasant resort, with just your drawing pads and some great ideas. Creativity can be hard to turn on and off; most clothing designers let their creativity dictate their lives – meaning when they feel like designing, they stop everything and get to it.

If you feel that you have what it takes to design and create great clothing, then you should pursue your passion, and hopefully, your name will become well-known in the fashion circles. With current technology, you have all the hardware you need to make stunning garments, so get creative and set the ball rolling.