There are a lot of people in this world who love the delicious roasted duck breast. Do you want to prepare this delicious dish at home and enjoy with your friends or family members? If ‘yes’, then take a look below.

Ingredients List

Mentioned below is the ingredients list which you require to prepare the tasty Brome lake duck roasted duck breast.

  • Brome Lake Duck Breast
  • Coarse Ground Pepper
  • Coarse Salt


  • Trim the extra skin from the breast pieces placing them on a cutting board. Remove all that extra skin from the cutting board.
  • Now take a sharp knife and score the skin of the breast pieces diagonally. Make sure that you don’t cut the meat while doing this procedure.
  • Now do the scoring in the opposite direction on the breast pieces. Simply you have to score the duck breasts in criss-cross pattern.
  • Now pre-heat your oven i.e. to 350º F to 380º F.
  • Now you should preheat the oven pan on medium heat.
  • Take a teaspoon of pepper and enough salt per breast piece and season both sides.
  • Now place these seasoned breast pieces on the pre-heated oven pan. You need not add oil to the pan as the fat will render out of the duck skin.
  • Make sure that you roast these breast pieces until they turn golden in color. Flip these breast pieces until both sides turn golden in color.

  • Once the breast pieces turn golden in color keep the pan containing the breast pieces in the oven and set the temperature to 135º F. Leave the pan for about 15mins to 20mins inside the oven.
  • Once the breast pieces are completely roasted take out the pan and let the pieces cool down.
  • Now cut down the breast pieces and add extra spices if you want. You can add fried coriander and cumin seeds to these breast pieces.
  • Eat them with tomato sauce if you like tangy flavour.

This dish tastes better when you choose fresh duck breasts. Do try the above Lac Brome’s roasted duck recipe and you will definitely love it. There are plenty of stores online where you can buy ducks at a very affordable price to prepare this recipe. Check the sites online if you are looking for more duck recipes.

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