In 1921, US citizens saw two different silver dollars each of them unique and reflecting elegance in its own way. The year was for the return back of the well-known Morgan Silver Dollar and minting of new type of silver dollar named Peace Silver Dollar. Both the dollars were of same dimensions, however were minted in different designs.

In the beginning of the year for few months Morgan silver dollar ruled the market as the famous designer Anthony de Francisci was yet to finalize the design of the new silver dollar. After its approval Peace silver dollar was minted. Thus, in the last months of the year Morgan silver dollar took back seat in the currency spectra and the Peace silver dollar became a favorite currency. Thus, again in the year 1921 Morgan dollar usage came to an end. Peace dollar was continued to be minted till 1928 till the availability of shining silver metal started reducing in the market.

Know more about 1921 Morgan Silver dollar:

  • After sixteen years of gap the Gorge T. Morgan silver dollar was started to be minted in the year 1921. The prime reason for many years gap to mint this type of dollar was lack of silver blanks.
  • The minting of the coin was done only at the beginning months of the year and was discontinued as soon as the newly designed Peace Silver Dollar was minted out.
  • However, in the year large amount of Morgan Silver dollar was minted, approximately 44,690,000 of it.

  • The distinct feature of the silver dollar is the readings having tiniest bristle like structure on both sides of the coin. The new coin minted weighed 26.73 grams having 90% silver and the rest percentage was copper.

Info on 1921 Peace Silver dollar:

  • Among various coins produced in the year, this kind of silver dollar was minted in the last few months of the year. Thus, it has become coin collector’s favorite for its rare availability.
  • However, the design soon wooed its consumers, thus in the coming years Peace Silver dollar was minted in million numbers.
  • Its weight and composition were exactly like Morgan Silver dollar, the only difference is that it has no bristles on the sides of the coin.

There is no doubt that both kinds of 1921 silver dollars minted in the US mints are still favorite silver dollar of coin collectors.