The small spread of coronavirus a few months back has today turned into a pandemic and to keep ourselves safe and healthy we are in a state of quarantine at our homes.

The coronavirus spreads easily when you are in contact with the affected persona and even if you touch a contaminated surface. It spreads in the form of respiratory droplets that happens when you cough or sneeze. It can spread from one person to others even if the first person has not started with the symptoms of the virus. It takes 5 days or about two weeks for the symptoms to occur in a person’s body.

You can easily follow the given do’s and don’ts tips for quarantine and keep you and your family safe from this widely spread disease:


  1. It is necessary to wash your hands frequently after coming back from outside
  2. It is good to maintain coughing attributes like covering your mouth with handkerchief or tissue while coughing or sneezing.
  3. Completely avoid social gathering as much as you can
  4. If you feel ill you should stay home and postpone any of your travel plans
  5. You should be well known with the latest information given b the World Health organization and try to follow their instruction as required.
  6. People should work remotely from their homes.
  7. You should remain self-quarantine if there are any symptoms of illness.


  1. You should not touch your face too often which can cause the virus to enter your body if your hands are affected.
  2. Do not stock masks if you are not affected by the virus as they are most required by the doctors, nurses, ward-boys, and the affected patients. Mask is not that effective to stop the spread of the virus they should be used only by the COVID-19 patients.
  3. Do not travel unless it is an emergency as flights and airports are the likely places to catch the virus
  4. Unless you have a reliable source does not believe everything that is written on the internet as it could be false information many times.
  5. If you feel that you have the symptoms of the virus you should only follow the advice of your doctor and do not take any other treatment
  6. Antibiotics are not the right treatment for the virus and you should not take if you feel sick and take the advice of a doctor as soon as possible.

It is better to stay protected than regretting and that is why it is always good to maintain personal hygiene and follow media outlets for protection. You should also try to keep your kids busy in different activities and encourage them to stay indoors.

It is not an easy time for any of us and our one wrong step can cause harm to our loved ones and our society. The COVID-19 outbreak has reached about 187 different countries and territories. Quarantine yourself and stop this deadly virus from spreading.